Close Your Eyes And Think Of Christmas, Burberry


For Burberry’s Christmas campaign ‘Close Your Eyes And Think Of Christmas’ we bought the campaign video to life in Burberry’s stores worldwide.

To celebrate the campaign models Matt Smith, Naomi Campbell and Valerie Morris-Campbell hosted over 300 guests at an event at the fashion house’s 57th Street store in New York.

The Manhattan store was transformed to bring facets of the new Christmas campaign to life, including a forest of trees, a dining table styled by Lauren Nikrooz, cakes and patisseries designed by Laila Gohar and a bespoke gifting area including wrapping and personalisation services. 

Client: Burberry
Location: Global Stores including London and New York
Creative Director: Rachel Crowther
Set & Production Design: Lauren Nikrooz
Experiential Team: Anna Marie Pescari, Sally Finnigan,
Anna Mojab, Sylvana Lautier, Stephanie Williams
Role: Art Direction / Props